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Elite Keylogger 5.0

Elite Keylogger 5.0: Elite Keylogger 5: record all keystrokes, passwords & chats in a hidden mode Keystroke Recorder will record text copied to the Clipboard as well! Elite Keylogger also grabs clipboard graphics. #2. Applications Activity Secretly take screenshots Elite Keystroke Recorder regularly takes screenshots of the Desktop and applications running, like an automatic surveillance camera hidden from all users! Record applications launched Elite Keystroke Recorder records all applications launched and the text anyone typed there. You will

Spy Software Downloads Reliable keylogger software silently keeps an eye on online, offline activities
Spy Software Downloads

Advanced keystroke recorder application allows only primary user to access software configuration settings by using hot keys combination and run command. Affordable desktop PC observer spy software download transfers generated log report file at user specified email account or uploaded by FTP server setting. Hidden keylogger program works in covert manner and captures real time screenshots of opened Windows application at regular time interval.

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Undetectable Keylogger keylogger capture software traces all keystroke activities in encrypted log file
Undetectable Keylogger

recorder application is able to records all file and folders operation activities including move, create, delete and rename actions. Advance keystroke recording program function by hidden way to keep an eye and track your employees, children, kids, visited user and other people from unofficial access of internet activities and make inaccessible your private data. Undetectable keyboard capture utility record all typed keystrokes such as system keys

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Advanced Keyboard Logger Key logger tool secretly monitor and captures all keystrokes, window screenshots
Advanced Keyboard Logger

Key logger software is designed with advance functionality that easily captures screenshots of all active Windows and records every user keystrokes in an encrypted log file. Keystroke recorder software works in invisible mode and remains hidden in installation folder, task manager and add/remove programs. Key logger software can record more than one user accounts and displays start and end login session of every user logged into the system.

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Smack 1.06: Record keystrokes and mouse events for playbacking later
Smack 1.06

keystrokes, mouse clicks and movements into a macro and play this macro back with three types of speed (High-Normal-Low). with Normal speed keystrokes and mouse clicks are played back as they recorded exactly, with high speed keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back with no delaying time between events [keystrokes and mouse clicks], with low speed keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back with a delaying time between events

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keyboard Saver 5.0.1: Key logger software secretly trace emails password and chat conversation message
keyboard Saver 5.0.1

keystrokes, passwords, incoming and outgoing e-mails and much more. Keyboard logger software runs invisible and records what your employee, child or other users do on the computer. Keystroke logger software capture screenshots of keystrokes typed, Internet URLs visited, emails passwords and captured snapshots can be browsed later as a slide show. Log file can be emailed to you silently. Keyboard saver application installs easily without any difficulties

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Remote Keystrokes Monitor Tool Undetectable keylogger captures all keystrokes along with visited URL screenshot
Remote Keystrokes Monitor Tool

keystroke recorder utility that records all typed emails, login-passwords (******), visited websites, chat conversation on your PC and also captures windows screen shots at regular interval of time. Remote monitoring software is non-destructive and read only surveillance utility for recording all keystrokes by which you can easily capture drive location, session, date, time, status and save them into encrypted log file. Keystroke recording utility

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